• "Why do optimists live on the sun? Because there's always a bright side."

  • "A few things I don't understand: overweight people who think they're beautiful and beautiful people who think they're overweight. Neither is always or probably right, and yet both *can* be beautiful. The inside is far more important than labels."

    “If we should shine, it is to light the path for others.” ~ Grant

  • "The miracle is to believe in yourself."

  • "I prefer to not think of it as "missing the turn" more like "spontaneous exploration""

  • "Be strong. Be bold. Be brave. Be Special."

  • "I don't revel in gratitude because I have everything. I revel in everything because I have gratitude."

  • "Time moves faster as the body moves slower."

  • "Happiness isn't about celebrating the great stuff, it's about enjoying the good things amongst the bad stuff."

  • "Live each day for sunsets, smiles and simple pleasures."

  • "There are always people who don't like your best decision, because it's not the best decision for them."

  • "I am challenged by perception, because it's always right. And potentially wrong."

  • "Ask not for less sh*t, hope & work for a larger shovel."

  • "Life. It's called living because you need to live it."

  • "Things are always looking up when you're not feeling down."

  • "I reach new heights with each smile of a friend."

  • "Empathy requires perceptive perspective."

  • "Do not expect optimism from those who expect less."

  • "People don't believe how old I am because *I* don't believe how old I am."

  • "A hug doesn't cure all ills, but it can soften most blows."

  • "Fixing tired. There is a tiredness of mind which requires quiet & calm, a tiredness of body requiring relaxation & rest, and a tiredness of spirit which necessitates the company of good friends, warm hugs & smiles of encouragement."

  • "The warm bed beckons those with cold feet."