If you spend a lot of time in Google (as I do), you’ve probably Googled yourself at least once.

In the interest of search and scientific research, I did the same on “Grantisms” expecting nothing less than a few references to old religions or myself.

Lo and behold, there’s a few similar thoughts out there, a few sites on younger Grant orations and a couple of us older folks.


Below find a list of a few such Grantism-like sites.


Facebook Groups, Pages and Profiles

  • Grantisms Group | Any Facebook page that begins with “I forgot this group existed” is surely not too epic of a read.
  • Grantisms Daily – which actually has great info under the guise of  “A page dedicated to the daily distribution of trivial information you had neither the desire nor the need to know.”
  • A “lovely” dead Facebook Group – Grant-isms – waiting, it appears for “the world’s savior”


Twitter – Because you can say lots in less than 140 characters?


Any other Grant-type quote sites, let me know I’ll post!

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