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    Every picture tells a story. The trick is not judging the book by its cover. My story is still being written. But memories. So many to…

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    Parents! I am not a poster child for fitness regimes nor lifestyle BUT I believe that schools need to be the nexus of health for our…

  • "Everyone should be grateful that their legs are exactly the right length to reach the ground."

  • "They may not feel the same, but the pain of defeat teaches as much as the pain from achievement."

  • "Tempus fugit but memoriae aligerum."

    (Time flies, but memories have wings.")


  • "Passion can be driven by previous experiences or the abundance of inexperience."

  • "What it takes, is what you have."

  • "There are more valuable outcomes without compromising values."

  • "Being and appearing grateful is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others."

  • "Do not give up when down nor feel down when up."

  • Working out hurts… yet progress happens. I still get out of breath, take a few minutes post workout to recover, and struggle to keep up with the 20 somethings in my class.. but… I am besting myself every time I go. I am stronger. Lifting more, doing more and living more because of it. Nike may have coined the term “Just Do it”, but that pales in comparison to; “I’m doing it” and “I just did it”.

  • "Have no mean hours, but be grateful for every hour, and accept what it brings. The reality will make any sincere record respectable. No day will have been wholly misspent, if one sincere, thoughtful page has been written."

    Henry David Thoreau
  • "Take care of yourself and be caring with others. Nurture a sense of gratitude, and be grateful for a sense of humor. Be sure to thank your parents and mentors for all they’ve given you, but give love to your future children and mentees freely without any expectation of thanks in return. Look for ways to let your light shine, but don’t be afraid occasionally to be in the dark. Strive to make your behavior above reproach, but be careful not to cast judgment on others whose behavior may reflect a different form of reality. The more you give, the richer you will become. Let your life be enhanced by the company you keep."

    Dana Reeve 1961-2006
  • "I slouch on the shoulders of others."

  • "Those who thrive are not those most able to adapt, rather those most *willing* to adapt."

  • "Few lessons are learned through lethargy."

  • "The road of life offers many crossroads of experience, but only one dead end."

  • I woke up with a ‘Grantism’ knocking around in my head about the lethargy of feeling comfortable in your comfort zone, and the need to actually be the *least* comfortable there. While doing my normal plagiarism check, I found a blog article that summed it up so much better than my 10 words of ‘wisdom’. Read on and enjoy this excerpt, that sums up my waking thoughts: “Growth and Success is often uncomfortable, and full of unknowns. In order to grow and become successful we have to be willing to step out of our comfort zone. We must be willing to start new relationships, establish new contacts, learn new skills, create new experience and expose our vulnerabilities. What you want will be achieved by stepping bravely in to unchartered waters. You will get closer to your goals step by step by exposing yourself to environments that will test you physically and mentally. You will gain courage, strength, empowerment and feelings of happiness from overcoming the challenges and obstacles you face outside of your comfort zone. You can either be uncomfortable in your comfort zone dealing with the desire to be more, wanting more and regretting never trying or giving your best. Or you can be uncomfortable as you grow, learn, gain experiences, live life and overcome challenges as you work your way to success and happiness. You may be scared, you may be unsure, you may feel unprepared. GO FOR IT ANYWAY !!” ~ lukemotivates.blogspot.com July 2014

  • Be

    Be strong. Be bold. Be brave. Be Special.

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