Kids’ Fitness

Parents! I am not a poster child for fitness regimes nor lifestyle BUT I believe that schools need to be the nexus of health for our kids and future generations. No excuses, no exceptions, and total parental support. Attitudes have changed since JFK challenged the US, but they haven’t changed towards better. Lethargy, indifference and helicopter parenting contribute to excuse after excuse as to why US kids aren’t in majority fit, healthy and active. Time to get off our butts and see what’s possible. Am I realistic enough to already hear the screams of parents against this challenge, or see the line of lawyers rubbing their hands in anticipation of numbers is lawsuits? Sure. But that should have us up in arms when we attack the premise and promise of healthier children and a healthier country. I’m supporting this film because I believe in “life, liberty, health, and the pursuit of happiness.” Shouldn’t you? Cheers

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